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sdlevitt Aug 13, 2011 10:03 PM

so this is what you get when you help in a medical emergency....
I used my frequent flyer points for an upgrade to first class on a red-eye from LA to NY. I am an RN. There was a medical emergency within the first half hour or so into the flight. I volunteered to help as an RN. There was no one else medically certified stepping forwards that could also help out.

I have no issue with volunteering my skills-----BUT, I did not get to sleep. I did not use my FIRST CLASS seats for most of the entire flight. And when I wrote to Continental asking just for a refund of the points for the upgrade ---I received NO ANSWER whatsoever to my request. This is so sad and poor customer service.

The patient needed assistance -- I did the right thing - but I really wish that Continental would have done so also -- ad it was such a small request. As it is also my nursing license-- you can bet that if there was a problem I would have heard...

Gromit801 Aug 14, 2011 5:14 PM

I agree they should have done something for you. Perhaps some more messages. Just 30 mins into the flight, I wonder why they didn't turn the flight around?

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