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Carolyn49MD May 20, 2008 11:41 PM

Australian wedding
I was traveling to my Nieces wedding in Australia and decided to take the Qantas flight from JFK so living in MD I used American to get there from BWI . We were seated on the flight and all buckled up and started to taxi when the air hostess came through the aircraft to tell us that we were not able to take all the lugage as the flight was full . So our bags would be forwarded on the next flight to JFK .Unfortunatly the next flight got to JFK at 11pm that night and my flight left JFK at 7pm . I asked the bagage people to forward the bags on the next flight which is a code share this was Sunday 16th March after checking with Qantas on arrival at Sydney they informed me the bags didn't make the next flight as they were in Miami !!!!
After many emails back and forth to AA My bags arrive 21st March Friday so I had been without my lugage since Sunday and AA wasn't feeling like it was up to them to get them to me in Sydney as I was only going to JFK . They did try to deliver them back to my address in MD . So my bags went from BWI to MIA to JFK To DCA and Back to JFK before heading to LAX and onto Syd. At least they could have given my the miles my bags traveled !!!!:confused:

Butch Cassidy Slept Here May 21, 2008 4:40 AM

If your American ("AA") ticket, and Qantas ticket, were on separate reservations then AA, to my understanding, was only obligated to get your bags as far as JFK, and was doing you a favor by getting them onto Sydney.

Since AA and Qantas code share, the ideal way to book your reservation would be to make sure all flights--BWI through to Sydney have the AA code. That way it would be next to impossible for AA to duck responsibility.

I don't what the International rules are, but if your AA and Qantas tickets WERE on the same reservation, Qantas should be the one responsible for getting your bags because they were the last airline you traveled on. That's the way it works on domestic travel. I'm sure the airline people will correct me if I'm wrong.

Knowing that AA is so unreliable (as are the other domestic "legacy" airlines) I would have taken Amtrak, from either the BWI station, or downtown Baltimore, to the Newark Airport Station. Then transfer there to US Helicopter to JFK. Again, the US Helicopter ticket should be on the same reservation with the Qantas ticket. This eliminates the problem of you dragging your bags at JFK. Yes, you might have had to leave your house around 10 or 11 AM.

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