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Carrie27 May 2, 2007 7:52 PM

I went to buy a ticket from American Airlines website, I put all my payment information in and when I hit the complete button a box came up saying the price for this ticket has gone up do you still want to purchase? I said no and closed the window. I then went to and bought the same tickets for the cheaper price. The next day I look at my account and American Airlines charged me for the tickets that I DID NOT buy. I called them and they said they would refund the money but it could take up to two months, and they also told me that I DID purchase those tickets! When I know I didnt, and my husband was sitting right next to me and saw that I did NOT buy them. In the mean time I still havent gotten my money back and I got charged $175 in fees from my bank because my account went overdrawn, and the bank wont give me the money back because its not their fault. I would not recommend American Airlines to anyone!!!!! They are terrible and they are rude, and when I asked to speak to someone else to get this fixed they said I had to email them! And guess what, I havent gotten a response yet! Big surprise! I always used United Airlines in the past and now I know why. I would rather pay more money and use a different airline than ever do any type of business with American Airlines again. :evil:

hsolbrig Apr 30, 2008 3:40 AM

A cardinal rule - never, never allow AA to keep your credit card number on file. If they don't have it, they can't bill you. In the unlikely event that you need to continue to do business with them, I would recommend that you cancel the current card (report it as lost or stolen). This will invalidate the number that they have, then *don't* check the "remember me" box.

airhead Oct 10, 2008 1:31 AM

Operator Error
AA online does not come back with a new price if you said you "purchased" them in the first place. It holds the price quote for an x period of time and if you take too long then it will start over again with new prices. If you say you did not purchase them, then why were you charged?
You should contact your credit card company and claim fraud. The credit card company will get to the bottom if it if the airline really was practicing illegal business transactions like you mentioned.

silent owl Oct 11, 2008 2:50 AM

I do not always recommend complaining to the credit card companies except of billing mistakes like this. you do have a claim against American Airlines for FRAUD! Based on the rules and regulations pertaining to credit card agreements between the Merchant and the Credit Card company, American Airlines would generally have 30 days to send a response to your declaration of fraud. Good LUCK!

winters Nov 18, 2008 3:45 PM

this is not a credit card problem
I just had the same experience. I found a ticket at a good price, started the online booking process and put credit card information in. But before I was finished, an applet window popped up and said the price had to be changed because of "change in availability." As the price was a full $135 more than the original quoted price, I decided to press cancel. I was booking with two friends going to the same destination, they on one computer and I on another. We were mad about the fact that the price had changed, but it was also just too much. So we pressed the nice cancel button in the applet/window...and the new screen said thank you for your purchase!!

To put it clearly, we were quoted a price and decided to purchase the tickets at the displayed price. In the time it took to input the traveler and credit card information, American Airlines and its website changed the price substantially and left us no option to decline.

I suspected this was not internet "browser error" and it was all but confirmed by the representative I spoke to at AA. Pennie at the Dallas, TX call center said by putting credit card information into the fields of the web page, you agree to buy whatever the final price they give you is. I suggested that there is problem with their software and she said their software is legally approved. Then I suggested that she was particularly well-versed in how to deny wrong doing in this situation, and she replied roughly "I only work here and don't endorse the policies of the company. My job is only to explain them." At no point was there an effort on her part to rectify the situation or even to calm my nerves; nothing but to say that what happened is fully legal!

I doubt the legality of what happened, but I am also not able to afford the legal recourse to undo it. I just will keep telling this story and telling others not to use AA. However, if they ask for federal funds to stay afloat, I will adamantly lobby against it because they are certainly not doing the average American taxpayer a service.

winters Nov 18, 2008 4:01 PM

Also, to the "Airline employees" that are responding...
Credit card companies will be of no help. They are in the job of making money by extending credit. The more credit a cardholder takes out, the better for them. There is no incentive for them to actively follow up on fraud they wouldn't be culpable for. Why would a company invest the resources to investigate fraud on the part of a large corporation with what would undoubtably be a vast legal department?

One might be able to convince them there was an unauthorized purchase that should be cancelled, but as far as getting Visa to publicly claim American Airlines is defrauding its cardholders...nice dreaming.

airhead Dec 1, 2008 5:51 AM

Thank you for your input and ideas. Credit card companies only make money when the "loan" is payed back with interest. If the customer believes they were wronged by a merchant, the customer has to claim fraud by law. This is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. If the customer's problem is not resolved then the United States Secret Service may investigate the company that is alleged to such fraudulent activity.

I have never heard of the reservation computer making this error but I am sure such incidents are possible since more than one party are online trying to book said fare. Although it is rare.

I still stand firm to my advice, claim fraud to the credit card company. If they don't do something, then take it to the next level and file a complaint with the FTC.

oscarg Dec 5, 2008 2:15 PM

Another reason why not to buy from
See you also had problems with web site.I had them as well.

This web site is not safe for on-line transactions, and it seems AA do not invest to make it safe as the only ones paying the price atre the customers.

They save so much money when we buy on-line, that one would expect they would accept resonsibility when automation does not work right, or when an inocent mistake is made by the customer while trying to follow web instructions.

The other proble is they send no email notifications of transactions, this is wy you had no clue the transaction was procressed until you receved your bill. is not safe.


ditze Dec 22, 2008 10:31 PM

I just booked my flight tickets on AA for my last trip to Houston, this is my experience:
December 13th, in the late evening, I tried to book the reservation, but I needed to talk on the phone with my friend, then after I finished all steps, and hit the submit button, it said the process failed because the session has been too long time, then i DID another reservation very quick, but I could not find the right schedule anymore, I thought might because the date was 14th, Dec, very earling in the morning, So I quited very quickly, even did not go through the last step to confirm, did not hit the damn submit yet, I thought I did not book any AA's reservation, I went to sleep, in the early morning 14th, Dec, I checked my Email, I found two different confirmations of reservation lied in my Email address, then I checked my Credit card, they charged two times, then I called AA agent, cancled one, then today, I checked my credit card, I found they charged 16.50 dollars for my cancelation fee. Rediculous!!!!!!!!!!!
Stupid website, and stupid policy, never go with AA anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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