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ARAHMAN Dec 9, 2020 6:38 AM

refund payment
I booked a ticket from Qatar airways from dwc to Doha,and my flight was today at 20:00 ,I arrived the airport at 17:45 as it should be for any traveler,the Qatar airways staff refuse to let me travel before they get an approval from the Qatar immigration and ask me to wait 20 min tell they send an email to them, I wait for about an hour before they informed me that the Qatar immigration refuse to give me the approval to enter Doha and at that time it was 18:45,I asked them to let me travel there and I am the responsible but they didn't,at that time it was too late to cancel or change my,this is not my problem it is there mistake and am asking to get my money back or change the flight to another according to the airway fault as they didn't inform me that I should come earlier than 2 hours to the airport to get the confirmation I used to get the visa when I arrive to hamad airport as it is not my first time traveling there,I am Syrian and I have an emarites residency as an engineer which is mentioned in the ID and according to the roles of Qatar visa and immigration I can enter Qatar without any problem and as I mentioned before I traveld Doha twice but using another airways company (golf air and flydubai).


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