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Said Nov 28, 2017 4:19 PM

Worst copmany ever
I arrived early in May to find my luggage missing over 5 pounds. Filed a claim on site and was told to visit an Agency in casablanca. I did, and the agency chef told me to file one single claim with all required documents to get reimbursed for items and delay.

Well, I has been over 8 months nothing. Each time, I call them and rprovide the file #, They promised me a quick answer,and always, I received the same generic email. I am so ****** at them. I filed a complaint physically by visiting their center in Morocco, none gish you a ****.

I never fly with them since 1998, but I was forced to fly with RAM since AIRfrance cancelled a flight from JFK to PARIS_CMN, now, I am dealing with this horrible company

Totally corrupted, and i have state owned companies, their customer service is horrible regardless of their marketing scams.

I did posted my review on facebook/instagram/ and youtube to help others to avoid business with them.

What a shameful costumer service

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