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dharms112 Sep 17, 2008 7:17 PM

Air India - Cancelled/Delayed/Redirected Flights
  • Outbound flight delayed for 12+ hours resulting in reaching destination late. Great annoyance as I myself personally had been travelling as transit from Zimbabwe.
  • Outbound flight not to direct original destination after the delay (as specified by Duty Manager, in handout).
  • No proper information or guidance given by Air India staff on what is happening with the situation.
  • Complete rude members of all ground staff.
  • Unacceptable level of hotel provided by Air India due to the delay.
  • New outbound scheduled flight after delay now via Mumbai. (we paid extra for direct service which we not now receiving)
  • Promise by duty manager (of 3/5/07), that a 2:30am connecting flight will wait for the inconvenienced Ahmedabad passengers meaning no wait needed.
  • Advised once on board the new outbound scheduled flight that its now via Delhi and then via Mumbai
  • Aircraft completely dirty, messy and meals/food gone off. Non functioning toilets and rude clearly untrained cabin crew.
  • As a result of the 2 stops, 8 hour wait in Mumbai made necessary for new connection to Ahmedabad.
  • Again rude and incapable Air India representatives at Mumbai airport. Gave incorrect minimal guidance and information and no refreshments given until specifically voiced for.
  • Upon reaching final destination my bag was lost and again none of your staff assisted until I had to shout to be heard. The bag was recovered in the last 3 days of our holiday. This was a greatly upsetting matter as I had wedding related items for my cousins wedding etc.

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