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Donnaaguilar Nov 17, 2012 12:30 PM

Business Class? EY/5G6DB3
This is the third time I have typed the problem and have entered "submit new post"! It then goes to the screen which states" You are not logged in..."??
I have a situation that needs attention: I have paid for a Pearl Business Class seat RT and did not receive any food except appetisers for the 13:55 min flight. The technology did not work and the seat padding was falling apart.
I was not allowed to use the Etihad "shared" lounge in Chicago while waiting for my next flight to Texas! My ankle was broken and swollen and needed food and rest, as it was a 4 hour wait.
I did not have any driver waiting for me upon my return to Abu Dhabi. I emailed but no response TWICE. I then called and received confirmation by phone. But noone was there. I waited and waited and nothing after all day in flight.
I gave my name and information tot the flight manager on board. I preordered my meals. But did not receive them.
I did not receive the level of service I paid for.
Thank You,
Donna MArie Aguilar

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