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thomaszr Aug 6, 2017 12:00 AM

Keeping thier word is NOT their policy... :-(
2 month's while I was in OK visiting, my American Airlines flight was delayed twice. The 1st time it would have made my connection tight. The second delay would've made me miss my connection. After almost an hour and 45 minutes on the phone with their customer service, the only way for me to make my St. Louis to Hawaii United flight the next morning was for me to rent a car and drive through the night 8 and half hours.

Pamela, from AAL customer service told me they would refund my ticket, could reimburse me cash money for the rental car/gas and to make sure I kept all my receipts.

After several weeks and submissions through their pain in the ass (PITA) web page, Iím been told they are not legally required to reimburse me, Pamela should not have said what she did, they will only offer me an equivalent $300 American Airlines voucher and they are sorry for the inconvenience and would like for me to give them another chanceÖ

Iím pretty upset at these guys and feel I was given lip service in a pretty desperate situation.

Anyone else think they should follow through on there promise and make things right? or is the AAL voucher adequate ?

PS: I also had to submit 3 requests through their PITA portal to get my $25 bag fee refunded back to my visa.

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