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martinpc Oct 12, 2013 12:47 PM

Air Berlin and Vueling
I,for once have a good bit of news.I have found a airline that is not barbaric and not ruthless and they are VUELING AIRLINES,a Spanish company.We had a flight booked for 2nd Sept,ALC to PMI.But on the 28th Aug i was rushed into hospital with suspected heart problems!I was kept in until 2pm on the 2nd Sept!!!!!Our flight was 23.00 that day.We could not go!I informed Vueling that afternoon that we could not fly.I told them the problem and they asked me for a copy of my discharge papers from the hospital.They told me they would allow me to book another flight within 6 months of the ticket,ie 2nd Sept.I informed them that i want to go in MAY14,well beyond the 6 months!They emailed me and extended the 6 months to 9 months!!!!!INCREDIBLE.I booked the flight,with as they told me,NO CHARGES,for MAY14!!!!!!I had to pay 68e because the cost of the flight in MAY14 is dearer than SEPT13.I think that is a great result.As for the animals at Air Berlin,you may recall my "theft on the internet".Air Berlin have all of a sudden decided to reply with a name i have not heard of before?They now claim that the booking page on there web site is a substitute page?I have asked them,"a substitute for what",as yet no reply.They also state that they need the full name of passengers,although the web page did not ask for full name,in case of a accident they need to identify the passengers.That is a load of crap,how many women on the same flight had the same name and date of birth as my son's partner?They are just a bunch of thieves looking for excuses to extract as much of our money as possible!!!!They asked me to refrain from sending them threatening emails as it is not necessary!!!!I am just getting warm,give us a alternative free flight and i will get of your back?I will do my best to blacken your name,you are malicious money grabbers,if you want me to stop,do something about it!

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