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Wiggily Sep 8, 2016 12:43 PM

Rude representative in Kiev Boryspil airport
Unprofessional and rude service from the Lufthansa rep Andrii Legedza (Lehedza) in the Kiev Boryspil airport today! We were flying with a dog to Munich, had all the docs correct and had paid for the dog ticket. He came up to us and started rudely attacking us - according to him, we had to take off the wheels from the crate and put a water bowl inside. When asked to show us the rules for animal transportation, he rudely said that he will not show us anything and it is our own problem. He said, "You will not fly anywhere today." Then he ORDERED us to get online and read the rules. Afterwards he began taking pictures of the crate, the dog, asking to put the stressed animal inside several times, make the animal stand and sit near the crate in the positions he demanded, put the animal on the baggage lane inside the crate (!!!). Finally, he started taking photos of the dog's passport. He has no right to photograph passengers' documents. Our poor dog became so stressed it started shaking. I demand that we receive a compensation for this unprofessionalism, as both we and our dog suffered mentally. Is this the kind of service your company provides to its clients? Shameful.

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