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kent_snyder May 28, 2008 3:02 PM

Delta Ripped Me Off!!!
Bottom line: I purchased a Delta ticket at the airport and 30 minutes later tried to cancel and get my money back. Delta refused.

I've gone to Delta's website 4 times over the last few months and asked them to contact me. They have not. I don't know why they are ignoring me.

When I arrived for the flight, I handed the Delta agent my itenerary printed from the Delta website. They could not find my reservation I had made about six weeks in advance. I had to pay $1,360 (typical Delta price gouging practices) for the one hour round trip Salt Lake City to Great Falls. When they wouldn't let me cancel, I figured they thought they had me in a corner. They had taken advantage of me and was not about to give it back.

I've called reservations several times since then. Each time the reservations person told me that their policy is to refund ticket purchases if cancelled within 24 hours even if I purchase the ticket at the airport and cancel 30 minutes later. When I ask what to do if they refused to refund my money, I'm always told to go to Delta's web site and lodge a complaint and Delta will respond within 72 hours. They haven't.

I've talked to several Delta personel at ticket counters and flight checkin stations. Each time I am told their policy is to refund tickets if canceled within 24 hours. Each time I am told that the ony way to lodge a complaint is to go the the Delta website and they will respond within 72 hours. They haven't.

On another occation I had a Delta ticket Salt Lake City to Bozeman. Three and a half weeks before the flight I tried to change the return date of the flight. They wanted $1,230 to make the change. I asked the agent how they could possibly justifying that kind of price she told me that they only had expensive seats left. The plane was only half full.

The same day I changed the return date of a flight with Southwest Airlines and they gave me $10 back because that flight was cheaper. I've changed my flights with Southwest dozens of times and have never been charged a change fee.

I'm the presenter at two and three day seminars in hotel conference rooms. I present at about sixteen conferences per year in eight states. At each conference I use Delta as my prime example of how to set company policies that drive customers away.

I fly fifty times per year. Every time I fly I let everyone I talk to know why they should never ever ever fly Delta.

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