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marciamarco Mar 8, 2007 12:35 AM

Fight left before scheduled time and left passenger behind
This is the letter I sent to AA for the problems they caused me. They assumed no responsability for this incident.

December, 2nd 2006

Dear AA:

Less than a week ago, I had the pleasure to be served by AA but also, I was extremely mistreated and disrespected by AA.

On Thursday, November 23 2006, due my grandfatherís passing, I had to fly from JFK to Rio de Janeiro at the last minute. After unsuccessfully trying to fly with your partner TAM, I was cordially helped by the reservations agent who was able to book me on a flight to Miami and to Rio de Janeiro that evening. At the check-in counter, Ms. Nurse, well representing AA, was able to make one more customer happy. The flights went well and I arrived safely in Rio de Janeiro the next morning.

The nightmare happened on my way back to New York, on Sunday November 26 at GIG. I had a ticket on the flight 950, departing at 8:25PM that evening. My check-in time was, according to AA, at 7:03PM. There was a long line to get through Immigration (Policia Federal) at the airport. After waiting for more then an hour, I was finally able to get to the security line by 8:12PM and was x-rayed by at security at approximately 8:16PM.

I ran to the gate to board my fight and, an uncivilized AA agent, named Paula Pires, shut the glass door in my face, shouting that the fight had already departed. She kept the same mode and I started crying, saying and showing her that was 8:18PM on my watch; It did not helped. It became clear that I was off the flight.

I demanded to see a supervisor. Mr. Fabiano, a passengerís supervisor, politely came to help me and calm me down. I was taken to the Admirals Club at the airport where I was well welcomed by its staff. Fabiano went straight to the computer trying to book me on the Miami flight, departing later that evening, while I was drinking some water.

According to Fabiano, it was easy to fly me to Miami but I would have to wait all day at the airport in order to get on a flight to New York. The next day was Monday after Thanksgiving weekend and most flights were sold out. No luck to fly that night. Since I would have to wait all day in order to get to New York and would have to miss work and several commitments I had that Monday, I decided to flight in the next day to New York.

Until that moment, it was hard for me to understand why AA had done that to me. I had to wait on a long line to go through Immigration and AA knew about that problem. They knew I was at the airport since I had checked in by 7:03PM. Also, why my name wasnít announced on the loudspeaker? Why nobody from AA went to the long line to locate me? As I was standing on line, I heard Iberia agents looking for passengers on a their flight to Madrid and also, GOL agents looking for their passengers going to Santiago that evening. It was hard to believe that AA had done that to a passenger. An AA flight took off before scheduled time and left a passenger behind standing on the Immigration line.

I had worked in the airline business before. I have knowledge, also a passenger, that when a flight is late, time can be made up in the air. If flight AA950 had left at 8:19PM instead of 8:18PM on the evening of 11/26/06, I had not been left behind.

I had financial losses staying one more day in Rio de Janeiro. Also, the distress I had due to my grandfatherís passing was increased with the situation created by AA. I understand that mistakes happen but taking off before scheduled time leaving a passenger on the Immigration line is unacceptable. I need to be compensated for my losses.

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