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ashutoshsharma Apr 6, 2012 4:12 PM

JetAirways - Billing and flight change related issues
On 28th Feb 2012, I was booking my reservation over the internet using my Visa Credit card. For me it went fine via their website. While doing the booking for my family(as they are coming back on a different date) - internet booking was not happening even when i used two different credit cards and it ended up in the 3 charges on both of them for the same amount. Later i need to pay $40 to the operator to make the same reservation via phone call.Why the online reservation didn't happened even when the credit cards were charged? Why i should be charged extra($40 to make the ticket reservation over the phone) for the tickets?

After few days, I got some calls from JetAirways that while coming back from Mumbai(for myself on 7th aug and my family on 21st Aug)
due to some technical difficulty - there will be a delay of 5 minutes which gives less than 90 minutes for connecting flight from chennai
to New York. Only option they gave for a flight which is 1 hr and 45 minutes earlier(than this so called technical difficult flight) even when there were lots of options available.This is inconvenience to all of us as we have to start some 1 hr and 45 minutes earlier than our expected schedule.
While making those changes - they changed the return date of my family from 21st Aug to 7th Aug from mumbai to chennai-without our knowledge?
All this has resulted into some 5+ hours of follow up calls with their customer service which is full of rude people and who get everything
just opposite than what you are asking them to do.

There is no way to do any changes over the internet.

For the infants bassinet seat - i have spent close to 1.5 hrs and still no written confirmation from them.

Overall followed up with the Supervisors and higher officials from JetAirways but no success in the last 2 months.

jimworcs Apr 6, 2012 7:21 PM

Jet Airways are close to Bankruptcy and have failed to make payroll. You may be lucky to even fly!

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