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ifegy Dec 26, 2012 3:10 PM

Delayed Baggage- 4 days and still not received
I took Delta Airlines Flight 54 from Atlanta to Lagos, arriving Dec 23. My luggage did not arrive on the flight. I spent almost $300 on multiple international calls to Delta trying to find out what happened, and I was finally told it arrived in Lagos on Dec 24.

I was further told by Delta agents in Lagos that it would be shipped to my final destination, Abuja, on Dec 25. Then I was told it would be shipped on Dec 26. Today, Dec 26, it will no longer be shipped on the 26th but rather on Dec 27.

I have gone 4 days so far in a foreign country with next to no clothes, toiletries or personal belongings. I will be posting to the Delta website and writing to the DOT in order to receive financial compensation for this horrendous inconvenience, and will return to post about the final outcome.

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