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mcorso Nov 4, 2011 10:36 AM

Cancelled (ill attendant) and Uncompensated
On 10/21/2011I was scheduled to fly out of GTF at 6 am on DL5705 on the first leg of a trip home to Boston by way of MSP. In an email early that morning I learned the flight was cancelled. I called Delta and an agent told me that I had been rebooked on a Delta flight leaving GTF at 6:20 am for SLC and booked from there to BOS. Upon arriving at Great Falls, I learned that my original flight had been cancelled due to "flight attendant illness" and that my booking on the 6:20 flight to SLC "didn't take" because the flight was already oversold. Back on the phone with Delta, the option I was giving for getting home was to fly out of Bozeman on flight 2422, necessitating a car rental and a one way three hour drive to Bozeman.

Contacting Delta customer service for reimbursement resulted in an email stating the it had been my choice to rent the car and that I would not be reimbursed for the rental or the gas. I was offered a $100 voucher for future travel. I asked that the decision be reviewed by a manager only to have Delta stand by its original decision.

How is this reasonable? Is Delta that rinky-dink that there was no flight attendant available in Great Falls or Helena (90 minutes away) to take the sick one's place?

jimworcs Nov 4, 2011 4:44 PM

Answer yes. This is exactly what happens when the regulators ignore competition rules and allow huge mega carriers to develop like Delta, particularly after the consumer has let them know what they think of them by making them bankrupt. Delta don't care about their passengers, because they don't need to. They consider themselves too big to fail and operate a series of local monopolies in hubs cities. Nothing will change... until people become politically active and demand regulation of these monoliths!

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