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robert diangelo Jan 15, 2016 12:46 PM

Steward sexually harassed my wife - ETIHAD does nothing
On flight EY-472, from Abu Dhabi to Jakarta, my wife was sexually harassed by one of the male stewards on that flight. First promising her a job as stewardess he asks her number, but after he got that number his intentions became clear. He suggested her to make love. She replied she did not want that, because she is married, but during the flight he kept harassing her.
After my wife got back to Jakarta, this steward called her, inviting her to his hotel to have sex. To get rid of the spamming, she had to destroy her simcard and get a new phone number.
9 december i reported it to Etihad. Up until now, despite of serveral reminders there is no reply at all. The complaint helpdesk "feedback" is very difficult to reach and does not take any action.
For ETIHAD this conduct of their personnel is acceptable it seems, despite their "Ethical statements".

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