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onebigannie Jan 7, 2008 11:33 AM

Checked in with Easyjet on time with hubbie and son for flight Belfast - Luton (London) and went straight to Security . Delayed there thanks to long queue and short-staffed, arrived at Gate 10 mins prior to departure and told bumped from flight and 35 charge ($70) EACH to "transfer" to another Easyjet flight. Stonewalled at Sales desk and charged 297 ($594). Heard from others bumped before us on same flight that Head Office had approved 35 charge and got another employee to desk. He printed out bill for 292.47 ($584.94) and said it would be refunded and 105 ($210) charged. Had no option at 7.30am whilst being steamrollered over by Easyjet but to comply.

Checked credit card on return - no refund - emailed "we will reply within 24-hours helpline" - no reply, rang Easyjet number (after having to hunt it down) told by affable person refunding last Saturday - guess what - no refund!

This amounts to blatant daylight robbery - anyone know of an airline complaints route I can pursue?

carla_pop Feb 26, 2008 3:30 PM

thats just rude!!!!!! i hope you didnt pay any extra

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