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sideswiped1 Aug 29, 2015 1:51 PM

Virgin America : Horrible Service and Rudeness
FLIGHT VX182 (SFO to EWR on 8/26/2015) RedEye flight. Horrible service. Inexperience and Rudeness. Utter lack of professionalism. 3 flight attendants who serve the cabin including 1 who was the 1st class flight attendant on the red-eye flight from San Francisco to New Jersey (Newark) failed to perform their job. They literally spent 5 hours speaking loudly and laughing loudly in the back of the plane while customers were trying unsuccessfully to sleep. we could hear every detail of their conversation and all their laughter. When asked if they could please keep it down, the head flight attendant (from first class) said "Sure! I can try!" and went right back to talking and laughing loudly. When it came time to pick up trash, which they did only once, they rushed and rudely cleaned up at the last minute just before landing in EWR (Newark Airport) long after the captain announced that we were on approach for landing.
We've never had such a horrible experience and the lack of oversight and training for the flight attendance will harm Virgin America's reputation and ruin the experience of other travelers especially on the overnight red-eye flight with the same or similarly behaving crew. I think most passengers in the back of the plane, including the 5 children there, only got 2 hours of sleep at most due to exhaustion and not from the professionalism of the crew. I really like Virgin America in general - this particular crew should be reprimanded and retrained and be monitored.

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