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ssbradley Sep 10, 2014 12:12 AM

Frontier poor poor poor poor service
On Monday I arrived at the ticketing Window at 9:30AM for a 10:34 AM fight. When I attempted to check in I kept getting a message that said see agent. I asked the agent (Claudia) for help she promptly ignored me and continued to laugh and joke and carry on her personal conversation with a lady in a white shirt behind the counter, for a minute or so. Then she turned around and called another gentleman up to the window adjacent to us. We asked again, we were promptly ignored she waved us off and she began helping this other gentleman. There were some issues and took about 15 minutes.When she finished she turned to leave, at which time I raised my voice and asked for some help. She sighed and reluctantly decided to help us after we had been standing at the window for over 15 minutes asking for help. She was able to find our reservation, but then she told us we were no 2 minutes late and could not check in. It is now 9:47 our plane leaves at 10:34 I have been at the window now for close to 20 minutes.Then I demand to speak to a Supervisor (Emily)who is just about the most rude, unprofessional person I have ever dealt with! She told us we should have been her an hour earlier and pretty much called us liars. But for only $75 dollars a piece 3 of us could fly standby in 5 hrs and another one Tuesday at 7:30 AM. We had to rent a car and drive home to Utah. The incompetence, out right lying, refusing to do their job, and just complete bitchiness of these 2 women was disgusting.

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