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lotodd123 Apr 18, 2019 6:30 PM

Stranded in a foreign country
Southwest Airlines has gone completely downhill with customer relations! Our family of 10 booked tickets to the Dominican Republic, and they CANCELLED the flight going home. They have another flight the following day, and they said there is NOTHING they can do. It will cost us $1,200 to stay in a hotel near the airport for another day. The top tier customer service line said they cannot offer vouchers and almost directly said they don't care. They've offered vouchers to offset costs for hour-long delays before at airports (I've seen it), but they strand people in a foreign country for an additional 24 hours and don't care? We waited 2 years for this vacation and use Southwest exclusively to build up points. WE WILL be cancelling our Southwest credit card and switching to American for all points and flights. Unacceptable.

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