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BennyDS Mar 18, 2016 3:57 PM

are you serious!?
My girlfriend was supposed to flight back in Italy today from Denver->Detroit->Europe.
After the check-in and boarding the baggages the plane was shown on time...then the unbelievable began!...initially 20 minutes delay....then changing time by time....first for the weather, then all the informatics system broke down...then they got the people on the plane....waiting there more than one hour jut to know that the plane was broken as well. They proposed 3 alternative options...the only problem? Only one, the worst, was available....2 hours on line waiting for this amazing news. They denied any refundation/upgrading/lounge entrance/meal (except for a funny useless hundred dollars bonus with Delta!)....Finally in Detroit at 1AM, aware to have 10 hours more waiting in some hotel...The lady at the desk was unable to print the hotel reservation (sorry doesn't work for International Flights!!!). They "fixed" also this. She walked to the Airport Parking waiting for the shuttle........that never came!!...Thanks Delta to leave a young lady alone in the middle of the night in a dark airport parking in Detroit!!!!....Shocking!!!

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