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satin Apr 14, 2007 4:14 AM

Northwest Airlines continues the Racism
Northwest Airlines is still treating blacks poorly. This past January of 2007 for the first time in five years flight attendant training began at the Northwest Airlines training building in Eagan,MN.

In class 3B there was a black girl that went through the entire training program. She passed all of her exams with very high scores, infact on most of the exams she scored 100 percent. This girl is very smart.

However, during flight attendant training you not only have instructors,but you have classroom managers that oversee the students.

Well,there is a particular classroom manager by the name of **name removed** that did nothing but harass this black girl throughout the course of her training. By the way, **name removed** is white.

This lady made rude comments and even went as far as to tell this girl after an exam one day that she was smart for a black girl...she told the black girl that she had good diction considering she was from Detroit and all.

This harassment went on for weeks..finally the black girl went to the classroom manager's supervisor and informed the supervisor that she was being harassed by **named removed**.

This white supervisor blew the black girl off and sent her back to class...then a week later on the last day of training before graduation they pull the black girl to the side and tell her after 6 weeks of her busting her butt that she was not a "match" for the company and they send this girl home...on the last day of class.

Funny how this happened just a week after the black girl reported the White classroom manager **name removed** to her supervisor for harassing her.

neal Oct 7, 2008 12:16 AM

can you back this up with proof???

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