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reddoc100 Mar 19, 2017 3:19 PM

Damaged baggage/lost items
I flew first class from O'Hare to Miami and checked a brand new, never used Samsonite suitcase. On arrival in Miami, it came down the conveyor belt with six rows of tape around it. While searching the contents, the zipper had been broken. Instead of spending 30 seconds to figure out that the zipper at the other end would close it, they taped only horizontally around the suitcase. When I arrived at my final stop at 10 pm, I opened the bag to find all six of my pairs of shoes gone, all of my toiletries gone, a pair of pajamas and a beach bag all gone. I spent the next day trying to replace them. When I called the following day I was told I hadn't reported it within 24 hrs so I might not get reimbursed for the $650 worth of merchandise that they lost. On my return flight, I bought a brand new suitcase and purchased the safety belt to put on it. When it came down the conveyor belt, the safety belt was gone and the suitcase was part way open. I have never had such bad service and will never use American Airlines again. :mad::mad::mad::mad:

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