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filcev Jun 8, 2016 9:39 PM

5 days delayed baggage
Flying Prague, Rome, Catania luggage was not delivered at Catania airport, it took another 5 days to get it on Lipary island after complicated communication with airport LaF. I sent mail to Vueling to [email protected], no answer within 3 weeks, Vueling seems not to communicate and is trying to throw off their responsibility, there can be found a lot of "Vueling not communicating..." messages in discussions-

Vueling, are You doing serious business ?

wolfgangjr Jun 14, 2016 1:24 PM

Same Baggage Issues
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:confused:We are having the same issues with Vueling and there were at least 7 other people from our flight at the lost and found baggage claim in Florence Italy from lost baggage from Vueling. We went from Mallorca, to Florence with a quick stop over in Barcelona. We were assured our bags would be in Florence when we arrived, we were super hesitant to check our bags in Mallorca but the Check In representative insisted and told us our bags were to heavy, they wouldn't fit in the overhead, etc. It was an Airbus 320 so we know there is plenty of room in the overhead space for a 21" inch roller board suitcase. We even took a picture of the overhead compartment when we got on the plane and there was PLENTY of Space! I attached the image and of course a 21" suitcase fits there. Long Story short, no real help from Vueling, no response to any email we've sent in, no guidance on compensation for our daily expenses and all the clothes we had to buy or the many tours we had to miss, or the train to Rome a few days later we had to re-book because our luggage was supposed to be at the airport on the third day but wasn't, really no help at all..we've called in daily to the their baggage line and still to this day NO ONE has been able to tell us where our luggage is? How is that possible? How can you not see in the system? Well that was on 6/8 and now we are back in the U.S. as of today 6/14 and still no luggage but plenty of unknowns and little help from Vueling and plenty of extra expenses to the back half of our trip. Do NOT fly Vueling if you are traveling in Europe it's just not worth it..we've lost luggage before in the U.S. but the airlines always know where it is and can help us retrieve it but how can you not know where the luggage is after you tag and scan it? Doesn't make sense to us? Seems corrupt in some way.

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