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jackeye Aug 8, 2016 12:15 PM

After 24 days still waiting for a reimbursement
I booked a flight which was delayed and was asked to choose between a different flight or a reimbursement, I chose the reimbursement.
After going through the links in the email sent by them I thought it was being taken care of... it wasn't. After a week I called them and they said the email did nothing and that reimbursements are only filed if people call them. So I lost a week but at least i thought now it was coming through. After another week and a half nothing, so i call them again.. Now the Indian accent vueling worker says I might need to wait from 48 hours to a MONTH! I say NO, this is ridiculous and that i need the money for my trip, which by that time was two weeks apart. He replies he'll send an email on that exact day for me to carry on with my reimbursement.. which I never received. Today it's the 24th day that I'm waiting for a reimbursement and I leave for my trip in 8 days. What else can i do? Where do I file a formal complaint?
Thank you

Sidewaysrob Aug 8, 2016 2:33 PM

Under the EU rules there is form to fill out and a National office to file it with depending on your EU departure or arrival city.


Web site with a list of addresses to send it to:

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