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lindasterling Mar 8, 2010 5:29 PM

AA and Cathay Pacific partnership - Lousy
Our family and our friend’s family were rudely rejected by Cathay Pacific Airline on Dec 31, 2009 with doubtful excuses, when we tried to take flight AA6116/CX520 via Tokyo to Dallas in the States. It's a co-shared flight by Cathay and AA. As a result, we were forced to spend USD 12,000 (USD1,600/person) to board on the 2nd day flight. We filed complaint against AA, because we bought our tickets all the way from AA. However, AA dropped us, they simply asked us to negotiate with Cathay, even though Cathay is AA’s partner who represents AA to take care of its customer in Asian section flight.

Since we’re American Airline customer, we were not able to check in our luggage directly to the flight at Shekou ferry, where we took ferry to go to the HK airport. It’s a 30 minutes ferry. On the contrary, Cathay Pacific customer would have this privilege to check in luggage directly. This discrimination treatment caused us not able to check in our luggage when we had FOUR (4) hours ahead of our flight departure time. We were not given any advance warning or notice about this different treatment.

When arrived at Cathay Pacific counter at HK airport, the time was 8:45am, 100 minutes before flight departure. Cathay Pacific staff rejected our boarding saying we need check in our luggage 120 minutes before flight departure, this is the requirement by HK airport authority, also Cathay staff needs enough time to complete formalities and load our luggage to the plane.

We checked HK airport authority website, which only requires 90 minutes connecting time ( So Cathay's first excuse was not true.

On the 2nd day, it actually took them 15 minutes to finish our check in. In other words, they should have had 85 more minutes to process internal documents and load our bags to the plane on the previous day. We were the only 8 passengers waiting in front of their counter then. Apparently, not having enough time was another doubtful excuse. Actually, one of our friend boarding the same flight on Dec 31, 2009 was able to check in her luggage through another Cathay Pacific counter at 9:00am, 15 minutes after we were rejected by Cathay staff. The time for our friend to travel from her terminal to the boarding gate is the same as for us, about 10 minutes. We doubted what's the real reason that Cathay rejected us. Apparently, they had enough time to handle check in process even when there were 85 minutes left in our friend's case.

We filed our complaint and request for compensation, but was rejected by Cathay with the same doubtful excuses mentioned above. We were ****** off because American Airlines leave us along in this complaint. They should stand out and fight for us, we were their customer, and we were discriminated by their partner in HK, and this discrimination cost us $12,000!

Does anyone have similar experience? Do you have better idea on how to fight for the justice? Appreciate your help!!!

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