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nzennario Dec 16, 2016 9:10 PM

They Just Don't Care - Amazing
We decided to upgrade our flight to Rome by purchasing Premium Economy fares which were more than double $ regular Economy.

The seats and flight to Rome were perfect. This fare entitled us to individual video screens for movies, C D 's, etc., as well as individual headphones and lighting. Returning, however, our two seats did not have video, audio, lighting or any electronic perks that accompany Premium Economy. We actually sat there for 11 hours staring into space or reading a book. A passenger felt sorry for us and offered her seat if we wanted to see a movie or listen to a C D.

Well, wrote to Customer Service at Alitalia and thought that some fare adjustment should be made. Instead they offered us 10,000 Alitalia Frequent Flyer miles, good for one year. Actually, I was insulted by their offer.

I have written twice asking for the mailing address of their C.E.O., Cramer Ball. No response.

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