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AdrianaK Jul 1, 2016 9:42 PM

Stolen iPhone on VIP check in area = worst airline treatment
On Tuesday morning I had my cell phone, an iPhone 5S, stolen from the Delta Sky Priority check in area at JFK airport. The last time I used my phone was to check my reservation number while using the check in machines. As the machine showed a difference in the spelling of my name, I went to one of the exclusive counters. The cell phone was left either on the counter or at the check in machine. There were no other passengers in the priority area at that time.

About five minutes after doing the check in, when I realized I had forgotten my cell phone in the Sky Priority area, I returned to the place, certain that the employees would have kept my device for me. Not only had the staff said they had not seen any cell phone, as they could not have been more indifferent and careless. If they were serving other customers, I could understand, but no one was there, and most of the staff did not think the problem was serious enough to help.

Only one of the Sky Priority employees gave me some attention for some minutes, to see if we could find the device. First, the phone was ringing and then it was hang off, confirming that the device had been stolen. I asked the police presence and made the theft record. The police, unlike the staff of the first-class space, were helpful, understood the seriousness of the problem, did the police report, took my contacts and said they would try to help.

I cannot even begin to explain how this fact is shocking to me and how insecure and mistreated I felt in a space where I should have exclusive treatment as in Delta priority area. I asked to see the security cameras, but no one there could tell me if there were security cameras. No one pledged to help or took my contacts in case they find/recover the phone, no one seemed to think that a robbery was worthy of attention. On the contrary, it seemed that a theft within an airline's exclusive area was the most normal thing in the world for them.

Iíve never lost or had a stolen phone in my life. That was the first time. I wasnít in NYCís or S„o Pauloís subways, which I use a lot. I was at the VIP room of an awarded airline where customers pay to get a premium service and should feel safe.

I am a journalist and I have been travelling the world, for business or leisure, for many years and this was definitely my worst experience and treatment with an airline ever. I was returning to my home country for the first time after a long period in the US and, instead of being happy to return, I came back sad, humiliated and without a phone to communicate with family and friends. I wrote to Delta hours after the incident and still got no answer (someone replied to my Tweets, promising that they would answer soon). I hope that Delta solves this problem by locating the device or reimbursing me with the equivalent and I also expect at least an apology for the embarrassing treatment I received.

Burgers Jul 2, 2016 10:54 AM

What VIP area are you talking about?? The only VIP is Delta Select and that's in LAX. Sky Priority in JFK is nothing but a retractable belt divide area of check in from coach that is still very public - anyone could have picked up the phone you forgot where you left, its JFK lots of foot traffic. By the way Delta doesn't have a international first class, only AA, UA so you were just in a area of shorter lines than the general check in area, not some exclusive enclave you are describing.

cyeguy17 Jul 25, 2016 6:02 AM

So you lost your own iPhone in a crowded airport and all of a sudden Delta is to blame? Next time just take better care of your belongings and stop trying to blame others for your own careless mistakes.

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