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Ardellan Aug 20, 2019 10:59 PM

AC683 Cancelled with No Notification
We were booked on AC683 out of Halifax to Montreal on July 11. When I tried to check in I got an error message saying something was not right and basically not to call ticketing because they couldn't help. We had booked through FlightHub so I logged in and our flight was still confirmed so we didn't worry too much but we did leave for the airport a couple of hours earlier to make sure we could sort out the problem.

When we arrived at the airport we were told that our flight had been cancelled and we were booked on a later flight which would arrive in Montreal too late to connect with our WestJet flight to Calgary. The girl on the check in desk literally shrugged her shoulders when I told her what had happened and asked why we had not been advised. She blamed it on FlightHub. The end result was that we were not compensated for that flight and had to spend nearly $2000 more to get to Calgary on Westjet to meet our flight to Vancouver Island.

I contacted AC as soon as we arrived home and they replied with a case number. Since then I have been getting the run around with them saying that they had sent emails to FlightHub (they also got the agent wrong three times) in March and again in June (so clearly not a mechanical problem). FlightHub did not receive the emails and in fact the status of that flight on their sight is now Flown.

I have asked for proof that the emails were sent and they completely ignore me. If they problem is with FlightHub and AC did send the emails why on earth would they not want to prove it and get me out of their hair. After half a dozen emails back and forth they announce that they consider the case closed and have been ignoring my emails ever since. This is their customer care department, what a misnomer that is.

We are out of pocket nearly $2500 because of their complete lack of care and I am not giving up. I will follow this through to the end, they simply cannot treat people with such disdain. Who the hell do they think they are????

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