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bear Apr 1, 2008 11:42 AM

AirTran Airways - reschedule
Non notification of schedule change led to missed flight. Arrived 5:15pm for 7pm flight. Waited in line for 40 minutes to find that flight had been closed out. It had been rescheduled to depart at 6.25pm. They would not issue boarding pass or check luggage because flight was overbooked. No need to compensate me because it took so long to arrive at counter that I was within 40 minute cutoff for flight. Had to get in alternate line in excess of 40 minutes to rebook. Decided to purchase $600 ticket on alternate carrier to get home. Low fares mean poor service and no support. Follow up with customer relations led to references to contracts and websites. What ever happened to customer service and loyalty. My business goes elsewhere.

Jetliner Jun 4, 2008 2:53 AM

What ever happened to calling and reconfirming your flights 24 hours prior? If there was a schedule change, then you bought your tickets weeks ahead. Did you never think to check back on this?

sandyr Aug 24, 2008 8:45 PM

How is it that the airline can change the flight schedule and not be responsible for the inconvenience it has caused the customer? Whatever happened to the customer being first?!?!?!?! HOWEVER, if the customer wants to change their flight schedule the airline will charge them for that.

melissagraden Mar 18, 2010 10:54 PM

I did check my flight 24hrs in advance and in fact an hour after the flight was late it still read no delays. Our flight was cancelled because they had the plane but no crew, we were then sent to sarasota from tampa and was delayed 12 hours because there were 5 of us. The employees were extremely rude. We did however get free round trip tickets, but when I went to use just 1 they told me it couldnt be honored because of springbeak, I know there are several open seats

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