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I find it VERY disturbing how easy, and inadvertent, it is to CANCEL a flight
in American's "My Reservations" tab. Much to my horror, I recently discovered that I had accidentally 'canceled' a flight for which I had already PAID FOR TICKETS. Why don't they at least have an 'are you sure' comment, like my email service does when I delete messages? Plus, I didn't even get any sort of email or confirmation from AA that I had 'canceled' this flight, but only discovered six weeks after the fact that the 'reservation' was canceled. How can they allow this to happen, especially since I had already paid over $750 for my tickets?? What sense does would it make for a passenger such as myself to intentionally cancel such a reservation in this manner? Is this a flaw in American's system, or a scam of customers who have ALREADY PAID FOR their tickets?
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