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Angry Complaint against RyanAir K7ND5V + 1HY DMK

Myself and my daughter were booked on flights with RyanAir. I had booked to fly from East Midlands to Milan Bergamo on 5/6/11 returning on 12/6/11. My daughter was booked to fly from Bergamo to East Midlands on 29/6/11. On 20/5/11 my mother, aged 87, was admitted to the Critical Care Unit at our local hospital suffering from septicaemia and kidney failure. She was seriously ill. My daughter, who lives in Italy, came home to be with her Nana. I no longer intended to use the flight to go to Italy on 5/6/11 and my daughter decided to stay in England so did not want the flight at the end of June. To meet contractual commitments with her employer she had to return on 30/5/11 coming back to England on 5/6/11. I telephoned RyanAir Customer Services on 27/5/11 and asked if we could change the flight details of the flights we had already bought so that Madeleine could return to Italy. I was told that I would have to pay £100 for each amendment. I asked for a refund of our fares and was advised to send a fax requesting a refund. We were both really upset already because my mum was ill and this situation caused us further distress. I booked and paid for new flights for Madeleine as it was cheaper than paying £200 to amend flight details!! I was then advised in an e-mail from RyanAir to get a letter confirming my mother's illness from the hospital which I did and sent it off. I have since received another e-mail stating "it states in the Terms and Condition of Travel that all tickets re non-refundable and that though they sympathise with my circumstances they unfortunately are not in a position to make a refund in this instance." I am just left wondering why they ever asked me to provide a letter from the hospital in the first place.