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Exclamation Beware of Security

While waiting on line to depart Medellin Airport, a Spirit Airline employee motioned me off the line and said I was chosen for special security. No explanation was given. I have traveled through this airport before and had never experienced this. I was required to remove my shoes and open my carry on bag. I thought that was the end of it. Little did I know, but my boarding ticket was highlighted over "ssss".
My flight was late due to an exchange of planes with Bogota. Upon my arrival in Ft. Lauderdale for my connecting flight, I waited through Immigration and Customs and my baggage was checked in through Spirit again. When I showed my boarding ticket to security I was told to follow the TSA security employee. As I waved goodbye to a number of other Spirit passengers behind me, a group of TSA personnel proceeded to thoroughly scan, check, pat down, and search myself and my bag, more than once. I told the supervisor that my flight to Laguardia is leaving at any second. I was told not to worry. During this process I was commended on my professional demeanour and composure. I stated I work in law enforcement and I am an officer in the Army Reserve. They continued about their business. Eventually, I was told I may go. I ran to the gate as my plane closed its doors and pulled away with my check-in baggage on the way to Laguardia.
Complaints are useless with Spirit Airlines. Oh yes, I went to the supervisor at Ft. Lauderdale and telephoned and spoke to the reservations supervisor (INDIA). But SPIRIT is covered as the reasons for flight delays are 100% of the time due to weather conditions. In other words, I paid for my hotel that night and waited as stand-by for a flight the next morning.
So, fellow traveler, if you are pulled off the line at your departing gate be sure to thank the airline employee for doing such a fine job.

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