Complaint: Customer Service appalling treatment when flight was cancelled
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Default appalling treatment when flight was cancelled

The flight BA0235 from London Heathrow to Moscow was cancelled on 15th of September 2015. Nearly two months after (6 November 2015 today), I still haven't received the refund and compensation, for which airline confirmed to have all the documentation on 30th of September, and promised a soon refund on 20th of October - way over seven days, required by the Regulations. At no point airline offered anything required by Articles 9 and 14 in the Regulations. The customer service was very dismissive throughout, required continuous chasing, only agreed to pay compensation and refund when threatened with court action, and wouldn't offer anything more sensible than "we are sorry for the delay" in response to complaints and requests to provide an explanation of the Regulations breach. At this point, they are "investigating", and I still haven't received a refund or compensation. This case was reported to CAA. I had no other choice but to open a court case against the airline to get my refund and compensation.