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Red face Brussels airlines flight change, no notification and no response to enquiries

I am very disappointed with the service provided (or lack of it) by Brussels airlines. I bought a return ticket I found through skyscanner on 22nd August 2015, the agency turned out to be Gotogate, which I had not heard before. The tickets was for Brussels Airlines for a trip on 12th December and returning on 26th December, travelling to and from Uganda, via Brussels. I bought it well in advance as I was on a low budget and thought it would be cheaper if bought well in advance. A few days before the trip I had not received any emails from neither Gotogate nor Brussels airlines informing me of any changes. In fact, I have never received any emails from Brussels airlines since the purchase, only the confirmation email from Gotogate. I requested an email from Gotogate confirming the times of my flight on the 10th december, in case there had been changes but the times were the same.
My outbound trip was fine but on the date I was supposed to return, when I arrived at the airport for the flight at the right time, I was told the plane had left half an hour ago. It was a Saturday, and I was told at the airport by the representative of Brussels Airlines (BrA) that I woudl have to wait until Monday 28th to go to the office and try to get a new ticket. The next flight from Uganda back to London was on Tuesday 29th, but I had to be at work then so I decided to buy a ticket with a different airline, which cost me £411. I sent an email to Brussels airlines on Sunday 27th, but I received no response. On Monday 28th, at the BrA office, I was told that the flight time was changed on 21st September and they insist that the responsibility of informing me of the changes was the agency that sold me the ticket. Since then, I have been in touch with Gotogate, as I thought they were responsible -they have not been very helpful either but I have now been told that they have been in touch with BrA to make a claim. I Sent BrA another email on 23rd January, but they have not responded to this communication either.
I have been in touch with a lawyer, who said that legally, the airline is responsible, not the agency. Hence, I am making this complaint, in addition to plans to the relevant civil aviation authorities. Any advice welcome.