Complaint: Customer Service Unfair Treatment of Veterans
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Angry Unfair Treatment of Veterans

I am outraged by the Customer Service Dept. of Alaska Airlines.

First of all, I was stationed in Iraq with the United States Armed Forces. I recently lost my left leg, I was honorably discharged.

Today, I flew in to the Seattle-Tacoma airport, but my plane was late, and with my disability I was unable to make my connecting flight in the 5 minutes I had left. When I went to customer service they laughed at me, sarcastically saying things like "Ooh what does your leg hurt?" and "What you can't walk you baby?" and called me "limpy" and "cripple-man." My prosthetic was easily visible and I know they saw it. They then told me that they saw no reason that I shouldn't have been able to make it to my connecting flight and had me pay a $100 re-booking fee! Bloody unbelievable. I can hardly believe that they have those kinds of people representing their customer service.