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Yes indeed we took on easyjet and won!! It took us around 4 months till it wa concluded and reams of e-mails. We have flown easy-jet a few times more since with no problems. Unfortunatly for us timing and prices make it the only company that we can realy use. With budget airlines you have to be prepared to stand your ground. They will try to make an extra few pounds out of you at every turn and the staff are realy efficient at doing just this.

We now have a certain amount of affection for easyjet - they do have some staff that are very professional and sympathetic - most of our journeys go unhindered (usualy when im flying) but there are always the flawed parts for example a carry on suitcase that we could fly as hand luggage from Edinburgh to Gatwick but not from Gatwick to Sofia.

I realize that my original post is over a year old now and im not quite sure if airlines take heed of what is written here or if it is just a way for us weary passengers to vent our anger. At the moment on booking I can get my 4 flights needed for £160 all in - my other alternative is "wizz air" another budget airline that I have no knowledge off. Other investigations have had me jet4u -- Edinburgh to Prague but getting connecting flights to Sofia have always been the part that the routes have fell down on . Easyjet now fly from Manchester to Sofia but if you take into account the petrol and time from Edinburgh to Manchester it is actualy cheaper to fly to Gatwick.

I have a huge list of cut price travel companys bookmarked but none of them come close to researching your own trip and simply getting on with it bearing in mind you only get what you pay for.

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