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Thumbs down Qatar Airlines-The Worst!

I have traveled by air since 1952 when I flew twice a year from London to Manila. I have logged many millions of miles and am currently a million mile flier with American and United as well as a premium member of One World and Star Alliance. I have had a lot of experiences over these 62 years of flying and I still love it! Qatar Airlines is the only airline that I have ever complained to where the arrogant CEO Mr. Al Baker told m in writing hat if I don't like their service I should use another airline. I guess he thinks that there is an endless supply of customers and he never took a class in customer care 101! On Qatar flight 004 from London to Doha on February 20th. 2014, there were passengers behind my row who were standing as the plane began to taxi. There were also large pieces of luggage in the exit rows. I wrote to Mr. Al Baker about these serious safety violations and his response was that I am lying (with what motive only the higher power knows!). In all of my years of flying I have never encountered a worse airline. In addition to the safety issues they are disorganized and mostly unfriendly. They also fail to honor any of the rules for Premium One World passengers such as early boarding. The flight was a horror in every way and of course as I have been invited by Mr. Al Baker to refrain from flying Qatar in the future, I will do so and use my connections to influence as many others as I can. Not to worry Mr. Al Baker there is a limitless supply of passengers and your crew, never make mistakes and if they do, they would never think to cover them up! Fly Qatar at your peril my friends!