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Default Reimbursement

Qantas. I'm so appalled at your Customer Service I don't even know where to begin. On the 20th October our flight from JFK - Melbourne was cancelled. I was informed that I would need to arrange the replacement flights for the following day for myself and my party of 4 as the airline was too busy to do so. After being on the phone with Qantas on and off for 6 hours I was finally able to organise flights which were a completely different route and also an extra 10 hours in journey time. We were put up in a hotel in Long Island and were expected to make the 1.5 hour Cab journey to Newark airport out of our own pocket which in the end cost us AUS $372. We were told that we would get reimbursed once we got to the airport. As our first flight was with a partner airline of Qantas they weren't able to reimburse us. So I had to call Qantas AGAIN to figure out how I was going to get this money back.

I have sent multiple emails and messages and still haven't heard back about reimbursement for this cab fare even after sending the receipt and all the details. Considering I also had to do the work of your staff and organise our own replacement flights, I at a minimum have requested a refund for our return flights.

I am a Silver Member and a Qantas Club Member and cannot believe this is the standard of customer service you offer to not only your frequent flyers but it seems to everyone.

Unfortunately this is not the first time I've experience your awful customer service. However, this is the first time you have left me severely out of pocket and therefore I will not be flying with your airline again. If this isn't resolved soon, I will take it further.
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