Complaint: Reservations Double Billing @ an $1800 mistake
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Default Double Billing @ an $1800 mistake

I made a reservation online and Continental Airlines put a hold on my bank account twice at $1800 each time putting my account into a negative balance of $1400.00. This was on a Holiday weekend so I was without monies for 3 days and when I finally got a hold of them two people told me that it was a computer glitch in their system that Continental has not yet fixed after several complaints and then the Customer Service manager said no it was my banks fault that it billed twice in my account. But looking at the bank print out Continental put the charges through twice with 5 different lines of charges. They were not willing to provide any "sorry" it was our fault and didn't care that I told them I would let everyone know that they shouldn't book tickets with them because of their computer glitch problem. "They don't care about their customers!"