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Angry Disappearance of 96K+ Miles ; Flying Club ID: 1047256100

Totally disgusting and unprofessional experience with Virgin Atlantic Flying club Customer service and Executive office.

I had 96K+ Flying club miles which disappeared on Nov-5th. I called Customer service and they mentioned that those points have expired, if you want to reinstate them, you can buy 10% point for USD $296. I was shocked as I called on Nov-13, one week after it expired and excepted that as one time courtesy, they will reinstate those point. To my surprise I was told "We enforce our policies very strictly ... " in other word we don't give it a damn for customer care

I Contacted the Executive office (Mark Anderson - Executive Vice President, Customer) and someone on his behalf responded - "We do offer the option to have you miles reinstated after a 10% purchase as advised by my colleagues, and do feel that this is a fair compromise. As such, and with regret, I’m afraid that this would be your only option."

This is a scam and I'm looking for help if someone can point me to the right direction