Complaint: Baggage Problem refused to check in luggage
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Get the quotes for the refused bags. Write to Continental and tell them they were in breach of contract. Your agreement was that you had 3 free bags and what your consequential damages are for the breach. (Don't inflate them..just the cost of shipping the bags to the US by the most economic method). Then advise them you will file in small claims court if they do not reimburse you within 30 days. They may bluster and refuse..but if you file, they will back down and reimburse you. It is rare that the Terms and Conditions help the passenger, but here it is in black and white. You will win if you sue in small claims. It is easy and costs very little. You will get your costs back. Do NOT accept vouchers or miles..they are not worth it and often have so many conditions they cannot be redeemed.