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Default Avoid this airline

So we have just completed a trip from Australia around Europe.

In total we had 9 flights, 2 of which were on Croatia Airlines. Croatia Airlines lost all of our luggage on BOTH flights.

I purchased tickets on Lufthansa, and then ended up on the 2 Croatia airlines flights as part of a code share agreement.

We left Krakow, via Munich to Split (in Croatia). Got to split minus all our bags. We have a 5 year old and a three year old. The customer service at the airport was terrible. The customer service rep seemed bothered by our requests to find our luggage.

Anyway after a few hours of waiting we started chasing them again via phone, only to find that the luggage had turned up on a later flight. No call, no advise, no delivery - nothing. We ended up driving back to the airport to find our own luggage.

Then when leaving Split - again on a code share flight with Croatia Airlines, via frankfurt to Warsaw, they lost the luggage again. This time it ended up in Frankfurt somewhere. Polish airport services were no better. Simply told to wait until it turns up on a later flight at which point they would not deliver as they stop work after the last flight.

All I have to say is F&^K you CROATIA Airlines, i'll make sure all the croats know not to use your crappy airline...