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Angry Horrible customer service

I purchased a ticket for the wrong date and as soon as I noticed it I called AA to help me change it. What I hear from the phone representative is: "you can make these changes online, ok?" Oh no kidding! I obviously knew that, but if I am calling you is because I am hoping for some personal assistance.

Anyways, when we were finally able to find a ticket that would best suit me, she advised me that I needed 5000 miles to be able to purchase the ticket. Trying to get rid of me, she asked if I wanted to call back after I purchased. How stressful is it when you are 2 days away from your trip and someone tells you this? Anyways, I told her.... no, stay on the line I am buying it right now and gave her the confirmation number.

After a long while on hold she comes back [AA] "Are you waiting for any bonus miles?" I reply: [ME]"What do you mean? Why would I?" Her reply: [AA] "Never mind!" and placed me back on hold. After another while on hold I hear:[AA] "Ok, we will now be charging your card $25 fee for the phone service + $10 for I don't know what". I was in shock... [ME] "what do you mean $25 for this crappy phone service? Shouldn't I have been asked from the beginning if I accepted this? How can you just TELL me you are going to charge my card without asking for my permission". This is her reply to me: [AA] "American Airlines needs to pay their employees too and this is how we get paid, I was trying to help you fix your mistake". [ME] I am not getting anything for free here, I am paying for all the changes I made to my flight. How AA pays their employees is none of my business and I couldn't care less and if I made a mistake on my flight you are THERE to FIX IT and I am paying your goddamn employer a lot of money for this".

I got so stressed out that I called back and asked to speak with a supervisor, what the supervisor tells me... "My apologies for the way you were treated!".

Moral of the story:

I used all of my miles (over 30,000) to fly from DEN to BOS with a stupid connection each way.
I paid MORE than I would have paid for a DIRECT FLIGHT through JetBlue where I wouldn't have to use any miles.
I spent 3.5 hours of my Tuesday night stressed with this.
I will NEVER be flying AA again regardless of how many stupid miles they give me. My time and mental health is worth a lot more!!!

Goodbye American Airlines.