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Originally Posted by Ak traveler View Post
I flew recently from Seattle to Boston on Jet Blue Flight 598. I had the middle seat and the obese person had the aisle seat. The obese person was physically in continuous contact with my upper body. I am a marathon runner so I am a slender person. I had no place to move in my seat to break the contact.

I waited patiently for the flight attendants to address the problem. I allowed them to get everyone in their seats and the overhead bins closed. They came by several times checking for items stowed under the seat and for seats to be fastened. No response from them. Finally I spoke up and told the flight attendant that my situation was unacceptable. They readily moved me up front into a seat that had extra leg room. This was supposed to be a full flight with a duration of over 5 hours. I had also another back to back flight of 6 hours coming up.

What I learned after a couple discussions with Jet Blue flight attendants is that I had to complain per their policy for me to be moved. One attendant admitted that she had seen the situation. I find it incredible that I could be physically groped for 5 hours in my seat. Yet, I had to initiate the complaint. How many passengers would be passive in that situation.

Another thing that I learned is that Jet Blue has no policy when it comes to boarding obese passengers no matter what impact they have on their seat mates. An obese passenger does not have to buy 2 seats. Apparently on Jet Blue when I purchase a ticket, I am not purchasing a full seat or guaranteed a full seat on the flight.
JetBlue leaves it up to the passengers own discretion as to weather they feel the warrant a 2nd seat with out discrimination. It is a touchy ADA item. It could also be that the passenger could only afford to pay for 1 seat.