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You have sunken to a new low for airlines management, training of staff, and handling daily operations. The first class flight I took from SFO to ORD was fine, but the ORD-CMH was a disaster that was avoidable. You let passengers be treated like ducks as you kept changing the gates as ACT kept changing the gates when your flight hadn't arrive to keep us around the flight. This is unacceptable, just simply tell us when the aircraft has ACT clearance to land and they have a gate at hand, then every 15 minutes as gates change when the change simply makes angry ground crew or passengers. It is also not acceptable by not telling us that the flight was not mere 15 minute delay but more like 2 hours delay which would mean you had to cancel or let us find alternative flights. The 15 minutes changes allowed you to hide your devious plan of keeping us at the gate when other flights left on time while your inbound aircraft couldn't arrive on time. When we boarded the aircraft, we were left on the airplane for over one hour as the crew jovial talked about their nonsense daily activities, schedule, and nothing airplane related. When a first class passenger in front of me said what is going on guys. The crew looked puzzled and said "what do we tell them." 5 minutes later, "I think they are still working on paperwork." Then after 1 hour of paperwork, the flight was cancelled due to pilot time out of schedule. You didn't provide a relief pilot knowing that his time was up. In addition, to make matters worst, you informed that airport staff to not provide hotels because it was weather related. No it was not weather related because the crew could have taken off later but still taken off. The fact that weather was fine and you couldn't take off is not weather related. An operator agent agreed with me as this was not the way to handle the situation and he was tired of hearing passengers tell him this. This is clearly a management that won't hire additional pilots to provide relief when on a day filled with delays from inbound aircraft and operation disaster not knowing to tell passengers when the pilot cannot fly because his time is up and letting us find appropriate alternative flights home. The nonchalant attitude will drive your passengers away just as United did with their after merger. I personally will never fly with American again, and will be cancelling my credit card and cashing out my miles with partners and banking miles with other partners. I don't think you understand how to run a business. I have flown 10 years on a regular basis with Delta and Southwest. Their commitment to providing relief pilots when needed, informing passengers ahead of pilot time out, and automatically rebooking when flights are more than one hour delayed. Southwest has the decency to cancel upfront when they cannot make their schedule work, then to drag out the cancellation. I decided to not take your flight and request a cancellation but guess what---I was told that to use the ticket number and obtain refund through your site but the request couldn't be made because even though I talked to two agents on the phone they were unable to cancel the tickets. The agent blamed the ground airport crew for locking her out of canceling, then she said she could do it. Again, no result in refund. I don't I will ever see my refund for my three tickets as the airline has a hostile attitude toward its passengers. Your incompetence made all on the aircraft very disgusted and left on other flights. I whipped out my Delta miles and booked three first class tickets back home. I will definitely not recommend or use the new American under US Airways management. Let this be a warning for all who fly.