Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Delayed flight for 3 hours only a sandwich given on board
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Angry Delayed flight for 3 hours only a sandwich given on board

On my way home on the 1st of January 2017 (Athens to LHR) the flight BA633 had 3 hours delayed departure. Despite the fact this ticket costs £220 and an addition of a £20 for a seat which later came down to only £8 and an astonishing 70 euros for luggage the only thing that we were offered in flight was a sandwich. No headphones for us to watch the in flight entertainment and also the plain had an electrical fault on the lights on the panels above the seats for which I had to inform the crew.
Before the flight I was threatened to be bitten by the supervisor of the BA because I simply dared to complaint about the prolonged delay.
This company is going down fast and I will be happy to see this happening if it was not for some hardworking crew members which try to salvage the reputation of BA.
I will try not to fly them again. They are worse than Ryan air. At least with Ryan air you know what to expect.
BA has the logo to fly to serve I think it should be changes to Fly to rip off and make your lives a heal on the air.