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Thumbs down Allegiant - Never Again

My family & I took Allegiant to Las Vegas from Bellingham, & back. On our return flight on 1/21/2013, although we didn’t know it at the time, there was a weather advisory in affect at Bellingham, although this was never mentioned when we checked in. After we boarded and the plane was getting ready to taxi, the Captain announced that he was hoping to take off early due to severe fog in Bellingham that would prevent us from landing at our scheduled time. We waited several minutes, but didn’t move. A few minutes later, the Captain announced that a tug was, "Stuck" on the plane & that our flight would be delayed for a few minutes, which it was. At the time, my assumption was that the fog issue must not be as bad as it had initially sounded, otherwise, Allegiant wouldn't take off, however, I now know that wasn't true. Allegiant knew that the chances of landing in Bellingham were slim to none at that point, yet they took off anyway. Upon arrival at Bellingham, we flew in circles for a while. The Captain eventually announced that he was unable to land due to the fog/visibility, but he would circle for a few more minutes on the off chance it cleared up. Of course, it did not., and we were informed that we would have to land in Pasco instead. After we landed in Pasco, a flight attendant announced that, because passengers boarded the plane, "Knowing" there was a weather advisory, that they were, "On their own" (this is, literally, what was announced over the intercom). Allegiant also kindly informed us that the airport was closed during the wee hours of the night, so staying at the airport was not an option. Allegiant literally abandoned it's plane full of customers (this was a sold out flight) in the middle no-where on a night where temperatures were below freezing due to Allegiants own choice to travel to a destination knowing they would not be able to land. Not only is Allegiant’s customer service appalling, but they violated a Federal regulation when they took off to a destination knowing they wouldn’t be able to land. I will NEVER fly Allegiant again. I have never in my life seen a company, airlines or not, treat it\'s customers with such little regard or respect.