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Thumbs down Malaysian Airlines - Theft from baggage


This is Gaurav Kumar and I had booked a package to Malaysia from TravelMasti (through Neetu sachdeva) and had returned back on 7th May 2012. Return was through Malaysian Airlines and On return my baggage was missed in between. Complaint was lodged for this at airport and we received our baggage after 7-8 days and when we recieved our baggage, our most of the valuables were stolen from it. All new packed items were taken off. Only few old clothes were in. Even luggage bag was torn to steal the things and when again it was complained at malaysian airport, they are only ready to pay very nominal amount (20%^ of lost valauables). They have stolen valuable things and would have sold outside and would have made money. If such airlines includes emplyees who are theif then we should be beware of them. I would say Malaysian airlines is worst even though they claim for Hospitality. I would suggest all to think 100 times before booking through them else they too might have to face such pains and miseries. We should better learn from other's mistakes rather than facing them and then learning from those situations. Today this has happened with me and may be same can happen with you (if you aren't enough careful).