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Angry Malaysia Airlines Over Charging Error

In June 2013 I booked a flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Colombo, Sri Lanka using the Malaysia Airlines web-site, booking reference K0VMM. At the booking/price stage the cost was shown as MYR892, that included surcharges of MYR394. When it got to the payment page the surcharges had been increased to MYR804 for no apparent reason. I called customer care and they were indicating it may be an error but gave me an e-mail address to write to to query before booking. But as there was a very short time between booking and flying I proceeded with the booking telling the agent that I would write to get the refund of the difference. I followed up with e-mail and screen shots but got no response. Several e-mails and calls to the call centre still did not get a response and no refund paid. Several promises were made to respond but nothing came through.

I suspect that a lot of customers may have paid the full amount that incorporated the error on the surcharges and did not notice, and this is probably why Malaysia Airlines are not responding for fear of letting the cat out of the bag and creating a tidal wave of refund requests.

So, as Malaysia Airlines are being so poor at customer service, and is clearly hiding something, I encourage all customers who booked flights in June (or any other time) to check the surcharges paid and whether these are correct. And if not, claim a refund.

I will continue to pursue to get my money back but the complete apathy demonstrated by their staff is a great indicator as to why the airline is not doing that well. Terrible customer service and clearly some faults that cause customers to pay more than they should which are not being addressed.